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We know great content starts with creators. 

Give Till It Hurts

The best way to scale your content is to make you fans loyal for life. Nothing builds fans loyalty like giving them VIP access to you the creator. Offering your fans VIP access and one-of-a-kind perks works!

What's In It For You

Leading user generated content platforms like YouTube have built an empire on the backs of creators by taking the lion's share of the

revenue. We take the cubs share and let you be king of the jungle

Brand Minded Penny Wise

In an on-demand world, its our belief that companies get the biggest bang for their buck when their brand s) lives in the content not in front or behind it. Give direct access to vour fans and let them be vour bank.

The Lowest Hanging Fruit Is The Sweetest

We approach our premium content creation slate with the audience in mind first. We are laser focused on delivering to niche audiences exactly what they want.

Rise Like The Cream Of The Crop

Fortune favors the bold. Unlike many of the other freemium platforms out there, we are committed to delivering high-end premium content produced major and indie studios. 

Lookhu's Up Next

What we love doing most is being the underdog and rooting for them too. One of our big daily company quest is to discover and promote the next big talent. The next BIG THING... might be vou.

70% revenue split to creators on subscriptions & PPV Events

Monthly 60% revenue split on Ad revenue

Opportunitv to be featured in our premium content series

5% referral fee paid outs monthly

Opportunitv to be featured in our premium live events

Perks  / Offers  featured in our site

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