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"Wither is an all-out, pedal to the metal, horror film, a perfect choice for a late night, home alone, dark-and-stormy-out viewing. There’s a lot of heart on screen, right along with a whole lot of carnage." - Horror News

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"Who’s Watching Oliver does a lot of things right and its final act is genuinely gutting."  - Bloody Disgusting

"If you enjoy The Monster Squad, I recommend Wolfman’s Got Nards. A Great documentary" - Horror Obsessive

Join us for an ad free, real deal horror experience. Cancel Anytime you want. 

Hundreds of films & No Ads

Lookhu's Frightener features films from both major studios and indie film makers alike with hundreds of films and series to watch from documentaries to horror comedies, slashers, supernatural, pure gore, creature features, found footage, Demons and possession, hauntings, ghost hunting, serial killer, zombie flicks, sci-fi and aliens, and so much more. 

Frightener is a premium horror streaming service so there are absolutely no ads ever.

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Lookhu's Frightener is Available On

Lookhu's Frightener is Available On computer, tablet, Ipad, iphone, or android with Amazon and Roku coming soon.


Our selection

Our staff personally suggests, and hand picks the films and series on Frightener and we include rare, little known, and hidden gems alongside our major studio selections, so you get a unique and chilling experience suitable for the horror junkie in us all. We also accept submission from indie film makers which we review and upload to the site if it makes the cut.

We are also know that you're tired of sites hardly adding new movies. we are the only streaming site out there that adds at least 2 new new films every FRIDAY. 

Join us for an ad free, real deal horror experience. Cancel Anytime you want. 

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